Movement Strategy initiative #39: Bridging content gaps in high-impact topics

Bridging content gaps in high-impact topics

Wikimedia 2018-20 Recommendation 10.svg

The purpose of Identifying Topics for Impact is to work on bridging gaps in high-impact topics. This can be done by prioritizing resources and providing incentives for filling these gaps. For example, if climate change content is identified as a high-impact topic, specific funding and partnerships may be dedicated to bridging this gap across the different Wikimedia Projects. While respecting the full freedom of Wikimedians to contribute according to their interests, the initiative encourages improving collectively-identified priority topics that impact our world and improve people’s lives.

  • Map topic areas in close collaboration with projects, partners and local communities to benefit from their expertise and ensure their autonomy and independence.
  • Implement initiatives and prioritize resources to fill content gaps on topics which may have more impact, while respecting our long-standing principles of welcoming everyone who wishes to contribute to any topic within each project’s guidelines. This might involve community initiatives, outreach, stipends, grants and other funding, partnerships, and employing methodologies supported by technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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