How can attract more people/media willing to provide free photos/videos

Since there are fewer people using Flickr in recent years. It makes us difficult to find “free image and video” in some of the regions. Meanwhile, most of the news events still don’t have related photos in the commons, which makes the contents not good enough. Can Wikipedia invite and cooperate with news agencies or more media reporters, willing to provide free news photos for the article? It can benefit both sides. There are a lot of articles need photos.


One thing to do would be to make the Commons upload interface less harrowing to use for an inexperienced user.


Partnerships with institutions are definitely a step in the right direction. Also, opens doors for content that may never get captured by an average individual. Reminds me of this very good example: Odisha becomes first state government in India to release its social media under a free license – Diff


If you have not tried them, I am a big fan of tools like WikiShootMe and PictureThis! which are map-based or forms-based ways to contribute to Commons:

Otherwise, the raw uploading interface to Commons is very difficult to use. Sadly, a lot of Commons folks want it to be hard, so that people will spend time to understand the complexities of copyright and permissions. So unfortunately, we will always be at a disadvantage compared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. and the rampant copyright violations there, as copyright holders tolerate a certain level of infringement in exchange for increased exposure. Commons is very strict and will not allow that to happen, which is admirable, but also problematic in terms of attracting contributors.


Unfortunately, a lot of Initiatives with wikipedia ignore this side of free knowledge, for example on “WikiDowen” an Initiative with RaqmnSA org and Arabic Wikipedia, we can’t get clear information about media license, so we had to upload it locally on Arabic Wikipedia as fair use, rather then Wiki Commons as free license…

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مرحبًا، لما لا نفتح قناة تُسهل الرفع لكن تكون دومًا مراقبة وتفاعلية، بحيث يمكن للوافد الجديد أن يرفع بسهولة الملفات ويكون هناك أعضاء قدماء يُتابعون هذه الملفات حتى تصير جاهزة ثم تُنشر علنًا إذا وافقت الشروط أو تُحذف دون أن تُحسب على صاحبها

مرحبًا @X7md للاستعمال العادل حدود، ودوما تكون الصور بدقة منخفضة فلا أعتقد ما تقدمت به يعد حلا للإشكال تحياتي

صحيح وهنا مربط الفرس، حيث أننا لا نستطيع رفع صور بدقة عالية، بسبب عدم وضوح أمور الترخيص… كما أننا لا نستطيع استخدام الصور في المشاريع الشقيقة… وكل هذا بسبب عدم وضوح أمور الترخيص.

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Since there are fewer people using Flickr in recent years.

I’m always trying to convince people I know to make their Flickr licenses open. But even for people who are already using Flickr, and already want to share photos, they don’t want to bother with changing the metadata. Let alone go to Commons to upload things separately!

There used to be a good tool for uploading other people’s photos taken during “photo scavenger hunts”. This was a great way to get bulk photos added to Commons, with the approval of the photographers, but without the photographers having to actually do anything much themselves. (Other than, for example, hand over an SD card full of images.)

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مرحبًا @X7md، شكرًا لتفاعلك واهتمامك، وفخور بوجود مساهم من المنطقة العربية مهتم بتطوير المحتوى، فهل لك أن تُوضح لي ماذا تعنيه بـ " عدم وضوح أمور الترخيص" لأنه لدينا

  • الأولى الترخيص موجود وبه يُمكن الرفع وفق الترخيص
  • الثانية الترخيص غير موجود، وبه يُعد غير مرخص (وهنا قد يندرج “عدم وضوح أمور الترخيص” )
  • الثالثة: الترخيص بالتقادم وهذا يعتمد على قانون كل بلد
    أما إن كان قصدك بأن تحديد شروط الرفع (ومنها الرخصة) غير واضحة في ويكيميديا فالمنشور في الأعلى يطرح هذا السؤال بدقة تحياتي :slightly_smiling_face:

Commons is very strict

Let us imagine we are a media agency and we want to publish 500 free images of our own, or 1000 images, or 2000 images. To act in this way, we need an uploader to work with batch of files. It is impossible to upload 1000 images from web page, but it is easy to upload them with a separate program.


Yes, for better or worse, the Commons community doesn’t necessarily want it to be easy or convenient to ingest 1,000 images quickly. There are some good reasons, since the majority of folks trying it will likely be violating copyright. This is one reason why the tools to do this have been tolerated when it is done by GLAM institutions that have an in-real-life point of contact, or have some better understanding of the issues. Tools like GLAM Wiki Toolset for bulk uploading used to require a lot of pre-qualification, applying for a right, and a test run. These days, Pattypan, url2commons, and other tools do the job, but massive uploads are still not easy.


Pienso que debería trabajarse en un proyecto general de landing page muy explicativo semejante a este. Hacerlo fácil.

Un hábito que era muy útil hace tiempo en Wikipedia en español es indicar explícitamente que hace falta una fotografía libre, por ejemplo, en el caso de las biografías. Desafortunadamente al hacer clic a la imagen no hay un portal informativo al cual se pueda dirigir alguna persona interesada de maners legítima.


In my opinion the best way will be to make people aware of it more and more. Moreover the user experience can be made batter and enjoyable.


Thanks, @ShahajadaSJ7 for your opinion.
Yes, I also agree that the user experience needs to be improved. To us, the experienced users, commons interface is super easy to use but for the new contributors, the situation is quite difficult.
I find the commons android app a lil bit useful in this case tho.