Commons for students in any language

Commons is the biggest repository of freely licensed imagery and we do not have a strategy to open it up to a public, particularly a public that does not speak English. Increasingly pictures are tagged with what a picture displays using Wikidata identifiers. These identifiers enable a search in only the language of choice. All it takes is one person adding a label in his/her language and more pictures are available for that language. There used to be a tool created by Wikimedia Germany that worked like that, there is a tool by Hay Kronen that does this as well Structured Search - Hay's tools

The software exists, it is creating a platform for it. When we advertise it as an easy win for primary school children, then the topics are limited. It is easy for a volunteers to add labels for subjects in a curriculum. Next level searches would be “subject” as seen in the area where that language is spoken…

By making Commons the goto place for pictures illustrating school work, we also provide an introduction to what Wikimedia does. It will be an instrument to forcefully grow the “other” languages.