False notifications about new messages

Hi there,
Currently logged in with my laptop. And the forum indicates that I have 2 unread messages. But there are none. But why does it show this? I have read all the new messages. And on mobile it’s exactly the same problem. I don’t understand it anymore :confused:
I’m just a simple translator (I don’t know what to translate from translations, what the priorities are. A list would be great. But now the forum is important, so and this topic is about that. I was just thinking out loud, sorry. :melting_face:)
What do you think is the problem? Could it be my devices?
Thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for reporting this problem, @Lois131. It deserves a topic of its own and this is why I have moved it here.

I have seen this problem sporadically and I will pay more attention if it happens to me again. I believe this has something to do with alternating the use of the forum logged in on multiple devices (i.e. your desktop and your mobile phone).

There is a related discussion on the Discourse forum:

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Thanks for the info. I have tried 3 browsers and all of them say I have 2 unread messages.
Well, for now I will watch for new messages and leave these 2 unread messages out.
And again, thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is probably welcome messages from the bottom.

Yes, maybe. But everything’s good now, everything’s working fine