Accessing Movement Strategy Forum on a Mobile App


I already shared this with some users, but this is a nice tool that I believe can be useful for every user.

Over the years, mobile use has generally grown across the world, and many Wikimedians in emerging communities access our websites using their mobile devices. People also generally prefer to use apps to access most services now more than their mobile browsers. So, for those wondering if there’s an app version for this forum, there is actually one! It is called “Discourse Hub” (available on both iOS and Android).

The app is basically a “shell” for the mobile website of the discourse platform. However, it has a very important benefit. Push Notifications! If you’re someone like me who is super used to push notifications for social media, then this app is for you, as it will keep you updated on what is going on in realtime!

Setting up the app is very easy. Once it is downloaded, open the app and insert the forum website: It would prompt you to log in, and you can log in like you normally would through mediawiki. And that’s all! You get to stay abreast with everything that’s happening!

There are also no trade-offs to the app from my experiments with it so far. It does everything else that can be done on the web, including translating posts to your local language!

You can try this app out and let’s hear your experiences! :slight_smile:


Alternatively just go to the website on your mobile phone and click on the banner.


This too! (if you get the banner prompt).

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I am testing the App, it is easy to log into just wondering why I need to download forum as well

Hi @Zend2020, I’m not really sure what you mean by “download the forum”. After downloading the app, you just have to put in the website of this forum. This is because the app works for all discourse-based forums.

Did all that check out the screenshot


Oh interesting. This is probably specific to your phone/OS. I have only tested on iOS, so didn’t know this happens. Thank you for this feedback!


Can it be that you installed the app (first Icon) and also clicked the banner (second icon)?

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Nice platform


It has provided a better User Experience so far

1 Like here is more information about the mobile version that you can check out :slight_smile:

Ok I agree that the mobile app is of huge importance. I greatly value this forum, so the same would apply to the mobile app for Discourse. Here is the link to the app for iPhones,a nd the other main links. Just wanted to let you know the url links for this.



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Installed it again (mostly for notifications) as I plan to engage more with Forum and will travel, so do not want to have to open browser just to check for (non) updates.

I am curious what other discourse instances you follow and add to the app?
I know Open Knowledge Foundation used it and I think some of WM affiliates also.

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The app works great for me on my mobile. Although I use a laptop at home during the day and only use my mobile at work in the evening.
And I can honestly say that this app was a great idea. I like it so far! :slightly_smiling_face:
That’s all I wanted to say.


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