Create a floating menu bar

When reading posts/scrolling down through threads, the horizontal menu bar (see the picture below) which displays top posts and the number of new and unread posts, disappears.
It would be great to make this a floating menu, which would remain on the top of the screen.


أقترح ان تكون جانبية حسب الكتابة (يمين أو يسار)

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On desktop, those links can be quickly reached by clicking the “burger” icon (the three horizontal lines) on the top right.

On mobile in portrait mode, that burger icon is not available. You can click the :house: icon on the left, which sends you directly to the homepage (on desktop too).

Note also that unread and new posts will appear directly at the end of the page. If you are reading a discussion until the last post, the shortest way to reading the next topic is just to click one of the topics suggested.

Is all this good enough?


شكرا لكن يبقى غير كاف