The Latest page doesn't sort topics by Replies and Views anymore

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thanks for your reply, @NPhan_WMF . yes, I am able to see the column for “replies.” however, the problem is that I cannot click on the column heading, to sort threads by number of replies. I was able to do so easily, previously.

perhaps we can reinstate that function? also tagging @Qgil-WMF .thanks.


Ah, I see what you mean now. I too will defer to Quim :slight_smile:

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Good catch, @Sm8900. This problem seems to be unrelated to the new sidebar because features the sidebar and yet topics can still be sorted by Replies and Views. We will ask the Discourse team.


Found the problem and reported it:


The Discourse team has fixed the bug that caused this problem and the fix has been deployed to our forum. Enabling the Calendar plugin disables sorting by Replies and Views in Latest - #6 by frank.manuel - bug - Discourse Meta


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