Creating new "wikimedia movement" social media handle

Greetings to all.

I’d like to suggest a new social media handle for the Wikimedia movement.
As everyone is aware, one can add his job as a handle on practically any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and particularly LinkedIn.

Wikipedia and other specific wikimedia projects have their own handles, but how will the people who work for the entire movement (maybe in the outreach, governance, advocacy fields) rather than just one particular project express their work?
It would be wonderful if the “Wikimedia Movement” were given a new handle.
The “Wikimedia Movement” can be added to each person’s individual social media profiles, and these handles will also help to brand and provide a unique identity to our movement as a whole. News from all across the movement an updates from the movement strategy can be shared on those handles.


Shahjada, if you want, you can add a request for such a handle at the social media page :slight_smile:


Hello @CSinha_WMF
Thank you very much for the resource you shared, it means a lot to me. At the moment I am exploring it.