Copying the perfect articles

I wonder, why we just don’t copy the “featured articles” to other articles?
If these articles are great then we could just translate them and there would be another great article.

您是指把其他語言的 featured articles 翻譯到其他語言版本的維基百科嗎?其實應該有很多語言的社群都已經自主地進行這件事情了,至少中文維基百科經常有一些編者把英語維基百科的 featured articles 翻譯成中文。


  1. 有的人的翻譯品質不佳,甚至有錯誤翻譯內容的情況;

  2. 翻譯者並未真正校對參考文獻的使用是否正確,意味著可能把錯誤內容翻譯到中文裡面;

  3. 考量到翻譯可能比原創條目更加簡便,有的人覺得這樣會影響社群編輯風氣,且過於仰賴特定語言的維基百科。

“just copying” won’t be appropriate, but we can, and do, carefully translate Featured Articles from one language to another, quite often.
There can be several reasons why a Featured Article from one language won’t be as good in another language. For instance, the Featured Article in the source language may have a focus on the topic’s relevance to the source language, or on notable source-language-speaking people involved in the topic, and that would be an appropriate bias for readers about that topic in the source language, but that bias would become “undue weight” on the source language once translated into another language.

Another issue is sourcing: a Featured Article on, say, a mathematical concept on French Wikipedia is likely to rely mostly on French-language sources. If one now wants to translate it into, say, Polish Wikipedia, it would be appropriate to look for and prefer Polish-language sources for the same content, to better serve Polish-language readers who may want to review the sources, and who are less likely to be able to read the French-language sources.

So by all means, take great Featured Articles from one Wikipedia and translate them into another language, but carefully, and as you’re translating, ensure that the article maintains its high quality and relevance in the target language as well.

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