LanguageConverter on Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia

Not sure if this is the right place to announce this and start the discussion. I am happy to announce that LanguageConverter has been implemented on the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia. This will allow all articles on the project to be read in both Latin and Cyrillic. That will make the project more inclusive. The community has been waiting for this for decades! I believe that it is very important to encourage the development of the Serbo-Croatian project as it should in the future unite all speakers of the Serbo-Croatian language and all four Wikipedias of this area (bs.WP, hr.WP, sh.WP, sr.WP).


Nice that you worked on that. I am also not sure if this is announcement for the #innovate-in-free-knowledge as both parsoid and its LC implementation on SR Wikipedia existed since a while. This will make the content more accessible, but I wonder if this will bring new editors to SH that favor Cyrillic when contributing. Guess it will be possible to track somehow in statistics. Hopefully community you mention surfaces soon as SH has only a handful of regular contributors, so regardless of unification or not even few more people would be good to have.


Congratulations! This is great news :smiley: