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Centralno mesto za komunikaciju svih članova BS, HR, SH, SR i CNR zajednica.

Hello @MPossoupe_WMF, thank you so much for establishing a category for us! I didn’t plan on writing down its guidelines or rules right away, may that wait a day or two? I’d like a few other members to join in and that we establish them together. As for the brief description, it can be this:

Centralno mesto za komunikaciju svih članova BS, HR, SH, SR i CNR zajednica.

I can answer these questions if you need them right away:

  • As its name says, “Međuprojektni forum” (transl. “Interproject forum” or “Cross-Project Forum”) will be a central place that is hopeful to embrace communication and consequently cooperation between all members of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin Wikimedia communities (BS, HR, SH, SR and CNR respectively). The only communication that went on between us up to this point was through each other’s Village Pumps, which is not ideal for a multitude of reasons, one being that these editors often feel as foreigners on another community’s project and not their constituent parts. This category, or as I call it subforum, is hopeful to address such issues.
  • This category is planned to be made public once basics (guidelines, rules, a few posts so newcomers get the idea what it is about and may want get involved themselves) are set up and ready for big invitations (on Village Pumps and suggested to be linked in sidebars on all four existent projects). No other known category in our pluricentric language has any such plans or presently exists.
  • Topics in this category will include but not be limited to: News, Edit-a-thons, Linguistic questions, Technical questions, each individual project among these 4-5 (there is one more big joint project in development that I can reveal in private if needed). I’d like to request these tags for now (matching above topics, translated):
    • Novosti
    • Uređivačke akcije
    • Jezička pitanja
    • Tehnička pitanja
    • bs-wiki
    • hr-wiki
    • sh-wiki
    • sr-wiki
    • cnr-wiki
  • In my opinion, no, as was answered in the second bullet point. I’ll be inviting more people around our communities throughout this month.
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@BPipal_WMF ne mogu sam da dodajem tagove, je’l tako? Ne vidim tu opciju u /g/ , pa sam zatražio od administratora gore.

Thanks @Vipz, that is a very good plan.

I have updated the category description.

So I can go ahead and already create the tags, right? Also let me know if there is any subcategory to be created.

@MPossoupe_WMF I did not know categories could have subcategories, I thought we only had tags for organizing posts. I’ll keep subcategories in mind, but I don’t have any to request at this time. Yes, create these tags. :smile:

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Hello everyone! I’m delighted that we have this category now! It will really be of great importance to our communities.

  • I suggest that we add another topic:
    • Smjernice i preporuke

That category will be used to discuss policies and guidelines. It will be useful for the development of new guideline proposals. Furthermore, if there’s a vacancy, I’d be happy to join in moderating this category with Vipz. :smiley:


Hi, confirming that all the tags are now available to use. When creating a new topic, you just need to click on “Optional tag” and then search for the one you want to add. That’s all

Please let me know if you have any question.

Thanks @Aca for offering this. So, do you want me to create the subcategory with the name: * Smjernice i preporuke. Right?


Actually, it should be a tag for now, I think.


@MPossoupe_WMF are only administrators able to pin threads? I do not see such option as a moderator.

@Vipz , let me have a look.
Meanwhile, let me know which topic you want to pin and I can help.


I’ve recently published a welcome post with a brief introduction and explanation, which I’d like to be pinned. :slightly_smiling_face:

@MPossoupe_WMF I think I forgot to ping you, sorry. This thread in English should be de-pinned and the one in local language (mentioned in message above) should be pinned instead. :pray:

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Hi @Vipz , thanks for the ping. Done

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Je li se ova kategorija još planira koristiti za informiranje?

Da. Aktivnost većine članova ovog foruma se podosta smanjila od kraja 2022. i početka 2023. godine, no forum je tu u slučaju novih međuprojektnih događanja, odnosno novih urednika koji bi se htijeli povezati s drugima iz domaćih zajednica na Wikimedijinim projektima.