Better structure for this category


I’ve been thinking a bit about the structure of this category. Can we convert the tags Novosti, Uređivačke akcije, Jezička pitanja and Tehnička pitanja into subcategories? Furthermore, we should create Smjernice i preporuke as a separate subcategory. Ideally, users would categorize topics into these subcategories. However, we will keep the tags bs-wiki, hr-wiki, sh-wiki, sr-wiki and cnr-wiki to indicate that the post is related to a given project.

@Aca što se mene tiče, zvuči dobro.

@MPossoupe_WMF can you create these subcategories? :smile:

Hi @Vipz , I’m having a look. Will ping here once done.


@MPossoupe_WMF our group is planning to go fully public by the end of this week, so having the categories ready is preferential by then. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Vipz , it will be ready today. Will let you know

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@Vipz , quick question: do you mind if those categories are under General category as Međuprojektni-forum ? As Međuprojektni-forum is already a subcategory of general, we cannot technically have a category to be subcategory another subcategory ?

Please let me know

Hi, thanks for checking this out for us. I think our preference is to have everything in scope of our project in one place. I think we’ll stay with one category and tags instead of what Aca proposed, then, so no further work needed. Cheers! :blush:

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Thank you so much for the response @Vipz . Noted

@MPossoupe_WMF please pin this thread to the top: 👋 Predstavite se!! And I think it’s time to make this category public; we’ll be publicizing it throughout tomorrow (CEST, Monday) on communities we cover. Thank you for assisting us! :heart:

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Hi @Vipz, thread pinned. Also, the category is now made public.


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