A Telegram channel has opened for Balkan Wikimedians

Hello. The message is about the new Wikimedians’ Telegram group that I opened, intended for the Wikimedians of the Balkan region. Anyone here from the Balkans and not only can join.

Here this group is intended for sharing Wikimedia news, as well as related discussions concerning and related to the Wikipedias of the Balkan peninsula and the activities of Wikimedia usergroups/affiliates there. Also you can share news about the Balkan Wikipedias.

The new Telegram group “Wikimedians of the Balkans” is intending to unite the Balkan Wikipedians, in a region deeply divided from the past conflicts. It is intended to be a hub for communication between the Wikimedians and Wikipedians of our region, from Croatia to Romania and Serbia to Greece and Turkey.

You can join here: Telegram: Contact @wikibalkan.


Telegram is not popular in my region *(Croatia and Bosnia&Herzegovina) so I failed to get more locals to join + I do not think big international groups are great for newbies *(they are mostly overwhelming), but I will pass on info.


That is true, in Greece too it hasn’t the popularity of FB. But I appreciate your work to find more members for the group, I wish we could have any Romanian or Serb as well given the importance of these communities…

Hi, I joined the group, nice idea to have separate group for our region. CEE Hub can help with contacting missing communities from the Balkan. @NikosLikomitros please share which countries are not included with their members in the group. If I understand correctly Romanian, Serbian and Macedonian communities (apart from me now) does not have any single member in the group.


Thank you. It is significant, because we need to be networked and to exchange ideas and discussion for the further improvement of the projects in the region.

Now, the missing communities are Serbian, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian and Romanian (former and latter are very significant Balkan Wikipedias) and if you can, bring in more Macedonian Wikipedians as well. Croatian, apart from Željko, hasn’t other member in the group.

Thank you for your interest as well.


Interesting initiative, might create a Telegram account and check it out later. Coming from the Serbo-Croatian (sh.wiki) community. :v: