What's up with Wikimedia Chat?

Hello. I noticed Wikimedia Chat has been down for quite some time now, but I didn’t think of it shutting down. Yesterday, MediaWiki developer Ladsgroup/Amir marked Wikimedia Chat: Difference between revisions - Meta as a historical page. Was there any announcement or is there any discussion ongoing about this, and where? Has the platform shut down? Thanks in advance for any insight into this.

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yes, can we please get an update on this, please? thanks. @Qgil-WMF ?

@Vipz thanks for care. As you likely remember I was super enthusiastic over Wikimedia self-hosting FLOSS chat server that is not dependent on Telegram, WhatsApp or other commercial providers… However I was failing in getting anyone but new users enthusiastic over this, as most Wikipedians are lazy to consider and discuss change (switch from Telegram) or even addition (using next to Telegram with bridges).

This was never a Wikimedia Foundation backed project (unlike this Forum), so once Ladsgroup/Amir as initial admin who did install (in his private time when he had it) gave up on it, no one took over…

In that respect this service (like many others) was ‘abandoned’ with no obvious content and care commitment (there were some good discussions there) or path of migration-retirement.

If you feel like you want to invest some time in arguing that this needs to be fixed to new CTO then I am happy to join that effort, but previous practice was borderline terrible and we should think of what new CTO can-should fix…it is not super obvious how to solve this in short or mid term.

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