Wikipedia's mobile apps office hour in March

Hey all,

I would like to invite you to the first office hour for the mobile apps team in 2023.

It will take place on the 24th of March at 5 pm UTC.
You can check your zone’s exact time through this zone stamp.

The host will be Jazmin Tanner, Sr. Product Manager of the apps team, with a number of our software engineers.
You can join at the mentioned time through this link:
And the meeting will be recorded.

You can add your questions and thoughts about Wikipedia’s mobile apps here, and the last date to add your input will be on the 20th of march at 12:00 UTC.

We will be waiting for you all!

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@ARamadan-WMF I turned on the “event” feature for this, so people can mark their attendance and it’ll send them a reminder 5 minutes ahead of the start time. I hope that’s okay!

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Thank you for your kind add!

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