Central list of regional events, conferences, etc

We need one central thread to list various regional events that are scheduled to occur in the future. so that will be possible purpose of this thread

Central Europe meeting, September 2023:

On the Forum, we have this calendar showing all the topics with event data.

Users can access it by clicking More > Upcoming events in the navigation column.

@Qgil-WMF , those are excellent points. I appreciate your highly informative comment above. my main thought in creating this thread is that our communuity would also benefit from having a list of events in a condensed, concise format, where it can be viewed as a simple text-based list of events, rather than paging through a calendar.

however your reply above is very helpful and informative, for users of this foirum. thanks very much.

one small note, currently the calendar referenced above does not indicate the regional meeting for the CEE group. i’m not stating this as a complaint, I’m simply noting this,.

The Upcoming events calendar only shows events happening in the future, not in the past.