Why should I vote?

Ratification of the Enforcement Guidelines can bring clarity and predictability to the process of addressing UCoC violations by establishing and defining the basic set of procedures and pathways before any violation occurs. This important document introduces community-accepted mechanisms of action applicable across many culturally diverse Wikimedia projects and communities. Knowing that different projects and communities will have similar pathways and procedures for treating similar UCoC violations will help both the harmed person and those accused of a violation feel that they have been treated fairly and justly.

Finding solutions and procedures acceptable to a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse communities can be lengthy and complex but is vital for securing the broadest possible democratic agreement. That is why this process went through several community consultations and will now have the second ratification vote. It highlights the importance of individual participation in the democratic peer process - every voice matters, and every vote matters.

The vote on the Enforcement Guidelines is designed to evaluate the community’s support and gather feedback if voters have reservations about the present proposals. It is, therefore, important to make your voice heard through your vote and if voting “no”, it is important to articulate which part(s) of the guidelines you have concerns about and why.

Most importantly, voting will ensure that your Wikimedia project’s views are represented in the global vote.

This is an invitation for discussion! Please feel free to post your reasons for voting or abstaining from it.