Which Wikimania sessions are you planning to attend?

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I am looking forward to attend many of the sessions as this is my first ever participation in Wikimania conference. Some of the sessions of my personal interest are:

Interaction between Heritage NGOs and Heritage Professionals from one side, and Wikimedia Affiliates like the Wiki World Heritage UG from another side, can be very useful to create synergies for better coverage and documentation of World Heritage around the world, especially in the under-covered Global South. (…)

QueeringW is a workshop for (potential) attendees, contributors and partners of the Queering Wikipedia conference *(first of its kind), with the aim of giving insights on how to join and maximize use of opportunities of informing, networking, accessing resources and making it most useful for all. It will also discuss why and how it is urgent now. (…)

Beginning with an interrogation of our project name, Curationist, this panel will first explore the latent power dynamics involved in “curation” as a field that historically has been used to emphasize the power of colonial empires since the establishment of the British Museum in 1753. Using our own platform as an example, we will lay out our internal thinking about how the word “curation” in Curationist is understood, critiqued, and ideally rebalanced or reclaimed by the co-created metadata tools of our platform and by the open knowledge movement at large. (…)

and of course,


Also looking forward to Decolonizing the Internet’s Structured Data: join the conversation! by @Mariana_Fossatti_WK :heart_eyes:


Now here’s a difficult choice :slight_smile:
Besides the MS: Implementation lightning talks with @YPam_WMF, I’ll make sure not to miss Don’t Cite it, Wite it!, a very interesting presentation of what professors think about Wikipedia; a discussion about the Evolving Threats of State-led Censorship, and Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines Roundtable – to name a few.


More recommendations:


I am really spoilt for choices right now. Apart from the MSIG lightning talks, MCDC, LDWG, UCoC conversations, I am interested in:

  1. Writing Women into Wiki History: Experiences and Best Practices

  2. Centering Race and Equity at Art+Feminism

  3. What does decolonizing knowledge look like in Latin America?

  4. Indigenous knowledge, epistemic decolonization and the power of images: a GLAM photographic journey into the world of sacred plants from the Peruvian Amazon region

@Mrb_Rafi, this would also be an apt session to attend - I am a Wikimedian, not an accountant! Here is how fiscal sponsorship can get your grant going - recalling our talk about capacity building w.r.t grantmaking :slight_smile:

I am hoping to see more talks & sessions from South Asia next year. :crossed_fingers:


Wikimania’s help desk offers useful advice for solving a range of possible issues, from technical/connection problems, accessing Pheedloop from a mobile device to rewatching sessions you are (were) unable to attend (for example, because they are in odd hours).
Here are a few:

  1. What language and translation support will there be?

  • During the conference, there will be language support for all the six UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. During the regional days, special languages will be offered according to the regions: Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Swahili. So we will have 13 in total across the event!
  1. What are the recommended settings for my browser?

  • Any modern browser and high-speed internet connection is all that’s really needed to run PheedLoop itself. The best setup we’ve found is using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop machine, with an internet connection offering at least 5 Mbps download speed.
  1. Can I watch sessions after they have taken place?

  • Yes, you can watch sessions that have already taken place on Pheedloop itself. You may also choose to watch sessions on Youtube. Sessions will be made available 24 hours after the live stream has taken place. Depending on the session, you will be able to find them either here or here.
  1. I have an issue logging in to the platform - who can help?

  • You can ask for help at the Telegram Help Desk Channel of the Conference. Community Members will help you solve all issues and provide you instructions on how to log in and participate in the Conference. As well, you can contact the Wikimania COT at wikimania@wikimedia.org. The Wikimania COT will identify technical problems and try to find proper ways to solve them.
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You can view live video right now of the first day of Wikimania! Enjoy!






I noted all the dance performances session to watch :wink:


Wikimania 2022: The Festival Edition! August 11-14, 2022


Pheedloop conference platform

Conference Telegram chat

For those who love Wikidata it is now live in YouTube: 10 Years of Wikidata


Of the programme in the three remaining days, I will try to join the following sessions:

12 August (Friday)

13 August (Saturday)

14 August (Sunday)


ok, the live stream for tent 1 today, day 2, is now live and streaming. feel fre to view at the link below!

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Day 2 of Wikimania brings numerous interesting sessions…

However, if you want to go off the beaten path and explore the funnier and more entertaining side of the Festival, you can treat yourself to a real Wikimania 2021 mariachi band, led by Iván Martínez of Wikimedia Mexico.
But hurry up; this musical journey begins at 14:35 UTC.

You can conclude this excursion into Wiki-relaxation with Brazillian meditação do riso at 15:00 UTC.


The laughter meditation session sounds really interesting and fun! :laughing: And of course, I will be attending more sessions including these:


First day was my first live presentation also on Wikimania with QueeringW workshop.

Unfortunately I have too many different interests so I will be randomly joining to almost anything (especially if interactive) and watching recorded things I missed on YouTube soon after. My eyes hurt :-)))


Yes, Wikimania 2022 is over. But impressions, memories and thought-provoking exchanges are here to stay. We would love to read about yours, so feel free to share them in the Forum!
It is one of the safest and most welcoming spaces for an open discussion.

  • Which sessions did you find particularly inspiring, helpful, impactful, motivating, - or amusing?
  • Did you take part in discussions? Which ones did you find most interesting and thought-provoking?
  • What were the things you weren’t really impressed with? What could have been done better, and how?

And if you missed some of the events, or would simply like to rewind to an interesting part, here’s a quick and easy way to rewatch. You can choose entire tents or video clips of individual sessions as they become available…
Please note that Day 3 and Day 4 are not yet available as individual YouTube playlists.

  1. Wikimania - Day 1

  2. Wikimania - Day 2

  3. Wikimania - Day 3

  4. Wikimania - Day 4