What does it take to build a movement of free knowledge protectors?

Our free knowledge movement is pressured by disinformation, government censorship, and increasing regulation of online platforms that neglect our community-led governance model. To protect Wikimedia’s model and our values, we need to be proactive. Wikimedians can help shape the government and regulatory frameworks in a way that enables the free knowledge movement to thrive.

In this workshop participants will explore how the public policy work of some countries can inform new campaigns in other countries. The work of Wikimedia Georgia, Ukraine, and Estonia on Freedom of Panorama will be used as a case study to develop a campaign for Wikimedia Uzbekistan. Ziski (WMF), @Mehman_WMGE, Ivo (Estonia) and Nataliia (Ukraine) will lead a discussion on:

  1. What is the current relationship between the government & Wikipedia community? Are there any opportunities to develop constant communication between them, or build the relationship?
  2. Why should your government invest in FoP, how does it benefit the government? Why should individual members in the government care about (and support) FoP?
  3. What challenges might you face when it comes to pursuing this work?
  4. What advocacy resources can the Wikimedia community and Foundation create or share?

Outcomes: Participants will lay the groundwork for future public policy collaboration, learn more about the evolving Global Advocacy team, and will build connections with other Wikimedians interested in public policy.

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I just want to say that “free knowledge protectors” is an awesome label :smiley:

Hi all, the slides have been uploaded. Slides 20-25 contain the notes from our discussion. Slide 27 contains links to diverse FoP campaign resources.

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