Join our project? Copyright campaign crowdsourcing

Have you tried to change copyright policies because of how they impacted your work on a Wikimedia project?

Join our new project, or let us know who we should talk to.

What: The Foundation is mapping the copyright advocacy work that Wikimedians have conducted since roughly 2016.

Why: This project will help us learn about our movement’s shared copyright public policy priorities, the common obstacles that communities face, and the campaign materials (as well as other resources) that Wikimedians have created or are creating as part of these advocacy efforts.

How to get involved: Send an email with the subject “Copyright advocacy mapping” to Valentina Vera-Quiroz ( and CC me ( Let us know the time zone in which you are based. We will schedule a time to talk!

More information about the project and what we will do with these insights can be found in this blog post:

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