VSN Training:How communities address issue of user retention

:loudspeaker: Another (and important!) Volunteer Supporters Network training upcoming! Skillshare meeting How communities address issue of user retention will be held on October 27th at 2 PM UTC. We would get a local perspective on this issue from representatives of different communities and design-focused insight. Participants should come away from the session with knowledge of how this issue is being addressed on the ground.
Our amazing speakers will be:

You can register here, we will be sending the link to all registered participants via the Wiki-mail at the day of the meeting. See you soon at our retention skillshare! :blush:

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Hi @Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL
I am so eager to join. But sad to say that I have a exam on the same time as the meeting so can I be provided with a recording or the resources shared in the skillshare meeting?

I’ll check about the recording with the speakers whether they are OK with this and add an information at the page of the meeting. The slides will be shared for sure!
PS Good luck with your exam! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks a lot for your support hope my exam goes well :crossed_fingers:. And sorry for the extra hassle :sweat_smile:

Not a problem, I’m pretty sure that more people will benefit from the recording, so thank you a lot for inspiring that :heartpulse:

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Pity that previous sessions were not recorded *(there was reluctant and negative answer when I asked) even if just partially since there seems to be both effort and resources around these events, so scheduling them for only once in unique (for some also working hours) is a wasted opportunity for bigger impact. Anyway - there are lessons in this for all.