Volunteer Supporters Network 2022

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Volunteer Supporters Network is an open network of Wikimedians supporting Wikimedia volunteers. It is a stable, yet flexible structure with a longtime history of regular cooperation around community support. We share knowledge, resources and we organize activities together. Which makes the VSN a hub-like or pre-hub entity.

In 2022 the Network will experiment with this concept, acting as an existing hub until the end of the year, working on more activities, internal development and building even more cooperation between affiliates in the VSN.

At the end of November 2022 we will prepare a report in which we will share the results of our experiment which will be helpful to all emerging hubs.


The Volunteer Supporters Network developed internal regulations over the past months: Volunteer Supporters Network/Internal regulations - Meta. These “bylaws” define different types of affiliation (“members” and “liaisons”), regulate our decision-making processes and include our mission statement. Today we published an up-to-date list of our “members” and “liaisons” on Volunteer Supporters Network/Engage - Meta and our new internal regulations became fully effective.

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VSN 2022 is somehow Ensuring Equity in Decision-Making …or is that categorization mistake?

It’s because a big part of our grant is experimenting with a concept of a hub and acting like a hub-like entity. And hubs are related to this recommendation.

Sorry I am lost with actual grant logic, as VSN started as coordination of employees of established affiliates that worked on volunteer support and now you are hub-like experimenting yourself? That is not quite linear logic…

IMHO you should have supported volunteers to do those experiments, not use existing knowledge+experience and now also new resources to practice something for the volunteers in the movement ecosystem where you are already organized and supported entities (Affiliates)…or drop the name you took at the beginning? (it is OK you get paid for anything you do that is useful, it is naming and direction that I see as problematic)

Hi. Is there any way that I can perhaps join the VSN group? Thanks

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@Natalia_Szafran-Kozakowska_WMPL , could you please provide some basic information, on how I might perhaps join or get somewhat involved with your group, the Volunteer Support Network? thanks.

Hi @Sm8900, Natalia is not available at the moment. You can find information about joining the network on Volunteer Supporters Network/Engage - Meta and you can also reach out directly to me in case of any questions. Thank you for your interest!

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VSN Training: Designing and evaluating community surveys.

This session will look at how to create and evaluate community surveys, using real-life examples from Wikimedia UK. Participants should come away from the session with tips, tricks and ideas of how to get the most from surveys. Date: Thursday 15 September, 4pm BST on Zoom. (Check your local timezone.)

More info here.

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Не уверена была ли запись тренинга, думаю лучше связаться с тренерами.

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