Videos of Wikipedia in the news! also, how about this as new idea for using this forum's technical features!

look at this! I just realize that we can copy and paste youtube videos here that show mainstream news reports about wikipedia, and make them available here for the whole community to watch!

also, as part of that, I realized that this might be one more useful benbefit of the Discourse fomat. Namely, it allows video links to be posted here, and to be fully visibile and playable, right here on this thread. how neat is that?! :slight_smile:

news report from MSNBC, dated OCtober 19, 2022. Title: “The Last Thing: Women On Wikipedia”

CAPTION: A British physicist wrote nearly 2,000 Wikipedia bios after finding a major gap in knowledge about women scientists.


Yes, this is absolutely fantastic :blush: Happy to see her covered by the mainstream media.

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It is a good idea to collect news and videos about the movement under this thread.

One of the “wrong” ideas about Wikipedians are, they don’t have emotions, they are always serious XD
Emotions are also a part of knowledge.
yes, while editing encyclopedia, we have to put our emotions aside, but we also become happy when our hard work gets recognized. At least to meet our 2030 goal, we need a huge community as a whole package - a combination of arguments and emotions, experience and youthfulness, global unity in the movement and localization and subsidiarity at the same time.

I’m not sure if only youtube videos can be directly embedded here and videos from other sites can also be shared in the same way, I’m sharing a video from DW, for a strange reason, they have removed this video from their youtube.


I found this video inspiring.
I literally got goosebumps when Nusaer sas, “The world needs to thank people like Steven; who give up their free time, and their family time, just to share information to the world! So a kid in a village 5000 miles away can open up their phone, load up Wikipedia and learn something new, entirel for free!
People like Steven are the reason humanity is beautiful”

The last line, man!


and here’s a precious “vintage” video of the boss (your opinion maybe different, but I, personally call him the boss; he is the reason we’re here today!)




these are terrific. feel free to add more topical videos!

Another Wikipedia video from Nas Daily.
OMG, I got goosebumps :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ignore the thumbnail, it’s merely a clickbait. The content isn’t that bad.
I was searching for something like this for a very long time. Wikipedia has an interesting (and weird :smiling_face_with_tear:) history and you can present it in a very fun way but like the b&w mediawiki console, no one seemed interested in taking that history out of the nerd world of history books and internet blogs.
I know the history well, but you can guess that it is super weird to describe the history in a workshop of hundreds of new young Wikimedians (and college teachers and guardians of the college students who all believed that I’m a good boy; I AM actually :smiling_face_with_tear: ).

My mom once asked me to tell her the history of Wikipedia, I did, and ofc I didn’t know (at least pretended not to know) about the services offered by Bomis :sweat_smile:

This guy made my task easier; if anyone asks me about the history of Wikipedia, I’ll then directly share this link with the. But I’m worried if the teachers and guardians would allow the students to enter the wikimediaverse once they see the image of Jimbo with the BomisFairies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
NVM, jokes apart, this video is great, tho it focuses more on the Bomis things, cause you know, if there is a “dark” before the “history of Wikipedia”, you’re going to get more views. There are thousands of interesting things reagarding Wikimedia history that is more interesting than bomis, someone needs to go ahead to share that using this kind of videos. We need more videos like this, not just describing Wikipedia but also including the whole movement. (I would request someone to make a video overlooking the naughty things so that I can refer that video to the people who believes that I’m a good boy :sweat_smile: )


hi everyone. thanks for your comments above, on this thread that I started!