Vector 2022 and double-byte character sets

Hi, One thing I can think of as a user who expands charactgers to 30+, often change between Movile and desktop modes, and local issue with double byte characters: the Vector 2022 is fine, if I ignore how much space the TOC column eats up, an endemic issue with 2-byte characters.
If people are not comfortable with SNS-ish kind of menus, then Vector 2022 would loose edge among those segments of users IMHO. Then, whom do we aim Vector 202x at? Elementary+ (10 yrs olds and on) students included? People prefer to read in larger types like me, not necessarily with impaired vision but concentration issues? Cheers,

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Just in case, here is more information: DBCS - Wikipedia

@Omotecho what do you mean? Can you share a link to an example, please?

Also, when discussing user interface problems it is useful to share screenshots if possible. Could you offer one showing your problem with the big don’t size, please?

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Alright, I try and attach screen shots of how jawiki and enwiki displays on my iPhone but desktop view: enwiki is shown in dark mode, by the way.

(1) Enwiki in Vector2002+dark mode. I set menu language as ja.

(2) enwiki, Vector+dark mode, menu in ja.

(3) jawiki, Vector, light mode.
(4) jawiki, Vetcor2022, light mode.

Could someone suggest link so that I can support UI message at the left bottom translated into ja, please. If not, we are making Vector2033 look very “in user-testing phase”, but not tailored for local/ja language setting. Cheers,

–Omotecho συσ

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Hi @Omotecho ,
You need the link to translate vector skin on translatewiki. Right ?
Here is the one I can find:

Pinging @Amire80 who can help I think.

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Done with other jawp members, thank you (:

FYI, I was worried about the bottom of the sidebar on any jawp pagenamespace, editors have seen UX message in en for weeks: (the pic is for jawp)

now that s’body translated the message in the box, I guess allegation that ‘‘Vector 2022 was offered as a beta’’ might tone down at jawp Village Pump. Cheers,