For the first time in over ten years, Wikipedia has a new look!

Have you noticed that Wikipedia looks different?

The updated desktop interface, built in collaboration with Wikipedia volunteers worldwide, will make the site more welcoming and easier to use for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the internet.

The new look went live on 94% of Wikipedia’s 318 active language versions for all desktop users shortly after its 22nd birthday.

What do you like about the new look of Wikipedia? What needs to improve?



新しいデザインとは Vector(2022) のことだと認識しています。MediaWiki の Discussion や、Wikipedia(English) の Community portal を Google翻訳で読んでいると、以前のデザインが良いという人に、アカウント作成を勧めるレスポンスがあります。そこで疑問に思うのですが、勧められた人はデスクトップから離れるたびに、ログアウトをするでしょうか。ログアウトしないままの端末を、近しい人が使用したときなど、管理不行き届きになるのではないかと心配しています。

蛇足ですが、私は以前のデザインを好んでいますが、Wikipedia を見るたびにログイン・ログアウトをする手間よりも、デフォルトのまま読むのが手軽だと、妥協をしています。


FYI, @温厚知新-san, English follows. 投稿に賛成です。似たような居心地の悪さを感じます。そこで大したセキュリティ向上にはならないものの、PCやスマホから離れた時のオートレジュームの秒数を短くしてみました。パスワードを入れないと画面が再開しないので、わずかですが安心の幅は広がりました。

I share part of your worries, and I chose to keep logged-in, on the condition and feeling safer that my PC/iPhone turns off with auto-resume, and I shortened the time frame how long I leave windows/apps open; how can we convey such digital protocol to newer users? Are we not drawning them with pools of info to read and keep in mind?

The screen is locked after the designated seconds/minutes has passed without any mouse-action or key-in, and I need to input PassWord to continue working/reading Wikimedia or browser pages. Cheers,


It feels a lot less accessible than the old look, since functionality is hidden behind fairly confusing iconography. For example, in Vector, the button for the watchlist is labeled “watchlist”, and the button to change preferences is visible by default.

In the new skin, the watchlist is represented by three lines and a star. The link to preferences are not visible on the page.

The redesign also has problems with the table of contents and the page width.

I’ve chosen to opt out of the redesign, through preferences (which are accessed through the menu in the top-right corner, at least in left-to-right languages). According to phabricator, over 25,000 users have opted out so far.

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Plenty of feedback on reddit. I have opted out of the redesign as well.

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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I have passed your feedback on to the web team at the Foundation.

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También se recibieron varios comentarios en el Telegram en Español, la mayoría por parte de usuarios de larga trayectoria que se quejaban de los espacios en blanco a ambos lados de la pantalla.

¿Se sabe la razón por la que existen estos espacios en blanco? Lo pregunto como un completo neófito en HTML (pero con ganas de aprender)


Hello @Oscar_WMF. You may learn about this on this page, but I’d also like to encourage you to ping Isabel when you spot such comments or discussions. Isabel is your “equivalent” working on Vector 2022 :slight_smile:


Gracias @SGrabarczuk_WMF, los comentarios fueron realizados más que todo por este espacio. Se ve que hay algo de «resistencia al cambio» en algunos de los comentarios, otras personas han sido más autocríticas al explicar que los cambios no son necesariamente pensados para el usuario que tiene una década editando.

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“Resistance to change” is not a bad thing. Change is hard and adapting often takes some effort. It just looks strange, or the button isn’t where you expect it, so doing something that was quick and easy in the old, familiar system becomes slow and irritating in the new, unfamiliar system. If people embraced this extra effort, it would indicate that the previous version was horribly broken. I remember when we switched from MonoBook to Vector in 2010. The search bar, which had “always” been on the middle left side of my screen was now “weirdly” bigger and in the upper right corner. It took me a while to get used to it. About 20% of Wikipedia editors decided switched back to MonoBook instead of making that effort. That’s okay. Editors should choose the style that works best for themselves.

It is generally true (for all websites, not just Wikipedia) that big changes are disruptive at the beginning. We see that here: some of the complaints about Vector 2022 are almost word-for-word identical to the complaints made about Vector 2010 and Typography Refresh in 2014. However, this happens everywhere. Every big website change produces short-term complaints.

This particular change produced many complaints in the first 24 hours. The number of complaints declined quickly, though. After three or four days, there are only a few complaints, and there are more people saying that they prefer it. I understand that websites like Facebook expect major changes to produce strong complaints for one or two weeks.

If you would like to read more about this phenomenon, I can suggest these sources:

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