Vector 2022 on English Wikipedia

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your ongoing feedback - it has helped us make the skin better for everyone! As we previously discussed, we are preparing for the deployment of the Vector 2022 skin to all logged-out desktop users of English Wikipedia and those logged-in desktop users of English Wikipedia who both are using Vector legacy and haven’t chosen Vector legacy in their global preferences. The change will take place on January 18 around 15:00 UTC.

We want to make the transition smooth, avoid breaking workflows, and limit confusion and post-deployment issues. We’re sharing some details and useful links below to explain how the transition will be performed.

  1. This week and early next week, we’ll make sure that the software version next week will be free from any easily noticeable imperfections.
  2. This week and early next week, there will be banners incentivising logged-in users to switch to Vector 2022.
  3. This week, we are also going to update affiliates such as WMCA, WMDC, WMNGA and WMUK.
  4. Shortly after the deployment, logged-out and logged-in users will see banners informing them about the change.
  5. As always, it will take at most three days for most of the cache to be updated. Before that, Vector legacy will load on some pages. After that, readers will see the new skin on any page.
  6. Before and after the deployment, we will be hosting office hours. At those meetings, we will be answering questions on the skin itself, on updating any necessary gadgets and scripts, as well as receiving feedback on future improvements to the new skin. Please, feel free to join us at the following times:

As a reminder, logged-in users can opt out at any time. Those of you using a non-default skin (Timeless, Monobook, etc) will not see any changes. If you’d like to customize the skin, here’s a dedicated FAQ section.

Thank you again!

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@SGrabarczuk_WMF , hi, how’s things going on? Curious how we will look, you know, the competition for users’ attention is ever so fierce, and we only have 24hrs each… :wink:

Hey @Omotecho! Thanks for asking.

There’s a project update which summarizes the important recent and future changes. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to the prototype of a change introducing more gray space.

Regarding what community we’re talking to in particular now, it’s still English Wikipedia…

Last week, the enormous Request for Comment for rolling back the change was closed and summarized. The closers stated that there’s no agreement to going back to the old skin, but according to them, their community prefers the full width. Just a few hours ago, Selena, our boss, posted a message with the proposed next steps.

Ok, that is very assuring to see the big picture. FYI, left a short message [on jawp] at literally help-note:Skin and js/css, or, Help‐ノート:外装の詳細設定(Help‐ノート:外装の詳細設定 - Wikipedia). At least tried to reach those editors in-the-know.