UNLOCK the Realities of Innovating in the Wikimedia Movement: Exploration results

Dear innovation enthusiasts,

I would like to share with you our exploration results as we (aka the Innovation Engine team at Wikimedia Deutschland) spoke with members of the Wikimedia Movement from different parts of the world to better understand the challenges the communities faces when it comes to innovating in Free Knowledge.

Follow this link to our diff blog post that summarized all the key insights.

For further details, have a closer look at the full exploration report on Commons.

Feel free to reach out to us – @Lucia_Obst_WMDE, @Sissela_Björk_WMDE and me – if you have any questions.

All the best

+++ Context on “Why” have this exploration +++
The exploration is part of the Re-Imagining UNLOCK process that kick-started in early 2023 to re-think the best way to invest in innovative products and Initiatives that stand in service of the global Wikimedia Movement and can best shape the future of our Knowledge society. With Re-Imagining UNLOCK, WMDE contributes to the implementation of the global Movement Strategy: on the one hand to increase the sustainability of the movement (recommendation #1) by investing in the people in the communities that work on new Free Knowledge projects, new knowledge forms and formats to address gaps in knowledge equity. On the other hand, this investment will strengthen the Movement’s capacity for innovation (recommendation #9).

For further details please head over to our Meta page: Re-Imagining UNLOCK.

Stay tuned for more activities to come in the upcoming weeks!