Unable to edit my responses

I replied to a thread and I realized I made a mistake and wanted to edit, however, I realized am unable to edit although I can see the edit icon at the top for my first response. In my second response, I didn’t have an edit icon.


For this post, I was able to edit. Could it be that if you are not the one who created the topic you cannot edit your response?

This is interesting…Let me see if I can edit this post.

I was able to edit this post.

Hi @Ruby_D-Brown! The team did some investigation and found that the setting allows Trust Level 0 and Trust Level 1 participants to edit their posts 24 hours after submission. If you’re trying to edit after 24 hours, you won’t be able to.

However, if you’re at Trust Level 2 or higher, you would have two years after the initial post to edit it. Maybe this is a motivation to increase your trust level :wink:

Learn more about Trust Levels.