Unable to edit my responses

I replied to a thread and I realized I made a mistake and wanted to edit, however, I realized am unable to edit although I can see the edit icon at the top for my first response. In my second response, I didn’t have an edit icon.

Technical details

(Added by the forum admins.)

We are using Discourse’s default settings in this forum:

post edit time limit - A tl0 or tl1 author can edit their post for (n) minutes after posting. Set to 0 for forever.
1440 (24 hours)

tl2 post edit time limit - A tl2+ author can edit their post for (n) minutes after posting. Set to 0 for forever.
43200 (30 days)


For this post, I was able to edit. Could it be that if you are not the one who created the topic you cannot edit your response?

This is interesting…Let me see if I can edit this post.

I was able to edit this post.

Hi @Ruby_D-Brown! The team did some investigation and found that the setting allows Trust Level 0 and Trust Level 1 participants to edit their posts 24 hours after submission. If you’re trying to edit after 24 hours, you won’t be able to.

However, if you’re at Trust Level 2 or higher, you would have two years after the initial post to edit it. Maybe this is a motivation to increase your trust level :wink:

Learn more about Trust Levels.

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How do I go about editing my own post? There are some changes I want to make to my current post.

look for the small icon shaped like a pencil, near the bottom of your message. if you click that, you should be able to edit your message, as much as you wish.

I’m also tagging @AJohnson_WMF , @NPhan_WMF , and @JKoerner-WMF , in case they wish to comment, or to assist further. thanks.

hmmm I don’t see a pencil icon at the bottom of my message. I see one upper right of my message

but when I clicked that I only see this but I can’t edit it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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interesting. I see a button in the upper-right corner, labeled with the word “raw.” could you please click that, and see what happens?

also, what system are you using? in other words, what computer or phone, what operating system, and what browser? I suggest you edit from a laptop, if you aren’t already.

Try it now, @LNguyen_WMF – I made the post “wiki” so you can edit.

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Ok the “wiki” edit works here on this post but I don’t see the same edit function on my other post. @Sm8900 I’m on a Macbook. When I click on the “RAW” selection I see the raw wiki format.

I’ll make the other one wiki too, but you don’t see the pencil icon anywhere – at the top right hand corner or as one of the options on the bottom?

Ok it’s working now. Thank you for your help @NPhan_WMF and @Sm8900

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