Technical Decision Forum (TDF) is looking for Community Representatives

The Technical Decision Making Forum is seeking community representatives. Please visit the community representation page to learn more, and add your name to the nomination page by August 12, 2022, to be considered for selection the first quarter rotation. (Don’t worry about the requirements listed on the wiki, they are not set in stone.) The nomination list will be opened until further notice because we are always looking for more community representatives.

For any questions, please post them here or on the TDF discussion page. If you prefer, you can also contact us at


Thank you for sharing !

Hi, nice to finally see this happening! Not sure how many people from the technical community follow this forum, so could you also share the announcement on wikitech-l? Thanks.

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Hi Taavi,
We are glad you found our posting. Thank you for your suggestion. We are preparing the announcement to be sent out this week to as many communication channels as we can. We would appreciate it if you can let other people/groups know about our search for community representation.


@RebeccaRwanda @Taavi Hi! May I ask your help in sharing this call more widely? Can you recommend any folks who should join this group? Thanks a lot!

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Hi everyone.

This is a reminder that the search for community representatives for the Technical Decision Forum is still OPEN.

There are a few weeks left to apply and/or recommend someone who would be a great fit for the role (learn more at Technical decision making/Community representation - MediaWiki).

Please let us know if there are any questions we can answer before you submit your application, or a friend’s name! Email us at by Aug 12, 2022.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

Technical Decision Forum
PS: @NPhan_WMF , can you please pin this thread again. Thanks.

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(Pinned until the end of August 12.)

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