Movement Strategy initiative #31: Technology Council

Technology Council

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Coordinating Across Stakeholders requires creating a Technology Council to oversee the process of developing new technical features. Many significant software changes are approached without consultation or communication, which often leads to negative reactions and suboptimal integration of the new tools. The Technology Council can be a central entity made up of Wikimedia Foundation staff and technical contributors from the communities. The Council would improve communication, discuss technical changes, and make decisions to approve or reject their implementation.

  • Create a Technology Council to establish processes for introducing new functionalities onto Wikimedia platforms and tools. The aim is to improve communication between staff developers and other technical contributors to better network, coordinate innovation, provide and obtain support, and foster input on decisions and resource allocations that impact communities.

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Hello @Abbad_WMF ,
I support it and I am also interested to contribute to this too. :slightly_smiling_face:


If interested, feel free to keep an eye on the implementation projects (which we intend to update soon). Also, if you’re interested in the Council you may wish to look at the Technical Decision-making project.

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Thank you for the information @Abbad_WMF
I will try to get involved but because of exam now I am unable to do anything after my exam I will be more involved. :slight_smile:


Hey @Abbad_WMF, I am a bit confused by why you are linking to Technical decision making/Community representation - MediaWiki . AFAIK that was an initiative by our Tech department. I don’t think it was supposed to evolve into the Council. So, if the page on Meta about the actual Council instead is up to date, this means that there is no current, ongoing work that is happening re: the Council? Thanks!