Movement Strategy initiative #30: Communication and collaboration with partners

Communication and collaboration with partners

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Coordinating Across Stakeholders requires ways to connect Wikimedians and partner organizations who are interested in technical and non-technical topics. For example, if a group of Wikimedians are interested in developing a translation tool, they should be able to look for partners who also want to collaborate on the same topic. The same goes for partners: they should also be able to find Wikimedians interested in collaborating with them. Communication channels should also be improved or developed where Wikimedians, developers and partners are able to collaborate on projects such as introducing modern technologies, and improving the Wikimedia user experience. While this Initiative has a focus on technical topics, it is open to and important to enhance collaboration between stakeholders on non-technical topics.

  • Create spaces for communication and collaboration between and with technical contributors to increase the scale and impact of our work and infrastructure sustainability:
    • Create a space for partners and other collaborators on specific content area workflows that require tools, updating, and improving.
    • Create a space for participation and communication for third-party developers.
    • Identify and resolve core barriers to make way for collaborative work on modern technologies, creating new interfaces, and improving our user experiences.
    • Improve communication channels and spaces between developers and communities to receive feedback as well as to create processes for mentoring, training, and organizing code review and documentation writing, among others.

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