UCoC Timeline 2022/23 Announcement

Hello All,

The Board of Trustees recently approved a timeline for the current stage of the development of the UCoC - Revisions to the Enforcement Guidelines. Below is a summary; please see the full timeline here for more details.

  • Currently: The Revisions Committee is reviewing community discussions and comments from the March 2022 vote. We are gathering more input on some important questions as they begin preparing revisions to the guidelines.

  • In September: Any revisions that may be produced based on that input will be published on Meta and will be open for review.

  • October/November: Following the review, the Committee will make any final changes based on community input.

  • January 2023: The revised Enforcement Guidelines will again be open to a vote. This is currently planned for January of 2023.

The UCoC project team and the Revisions Committee appreciate the time and effort given by contributors to help the Guidelines serve the needs of our communities.

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Thx for the update. :grinning:

Will the Revisions Committee review both the UCoC and the Enforcement Guidelines?

So we have a timeline but still no published criteria for accepting the vote? 3 years this process has been going on with nothing to show for it, are goalposts going to moved again come January 2023?

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What about the UCoC text itself?

The other day for example there was a press article about long-term hoaxing in the Chinese Wikipedia. Some of the falsified content was translated and thus filtered down to a number of other Wikipedias (including Russian and English).

All the Wikipedians who discussed this case in private or in public away from Wikipedia, or who shared the press report online, are technically in breach of the UCoC, which forbids any Wikimedian from “sharing information concerning [other contributors’] Wikimedia activity outside the projects”.

This means that the people who best understand what happened and are in the best position to explain the case to the public are technically forbidden from doing so …