The imaginary event with an agenda set by YOU (a post voting test)

Let’s imagine we are organizing a meeting and the agenda is decided collectively. We will start by the best ranked topic, and we will follow the queue.

You can

  • RSVP as attendee or interested.
  • Propose new topics.
  • Upvote and downvote proposed topics.
  • Comment on the top post or any of the proposed topics.
  • Upvote comments.

(This is a test of the Discourse Post Voting plugin. It could be used to brainstorm and gauge support for multiple options. Please report problems or share your questions on Bug reports and discussion about the Discourse Post Voting plugin)

What is the best strategy to use to teach Senior Citizens how to edit English Wikipedia?

What strategies and techniques can the Black Stars of Ghana learn from the Atlas Lions of Morocco?

How should youth be engaged in the Wikimedia movement in more fun than a serious way

Accessibility of editing guides to new users accross Wikimedia projects

no one here has chimed in yet, with their favorite obscure pop culture reference? well I guess someone around here has to be the hero!! :smiley: :smile::grin: :laughing:

who is more cool, Zaphod Beeblebrox or Ford Prefect?


What color should be our bike shed?

Quest for other perfect way to encourage or warn newcomers on editing than the sweet and lovely words “this IP is blocked from editing” indefinitely.

key objective: For easy identification at conferences, Wikipedia newcomers should dress in purple. :smiling_face: