Bug reports and discussion about the Discourse Post Voting plugin

We are testing on What is your favorite ice cream? (a post voting test) and reporting any problems or questions here.

  • 422 error when downvoting an option.
  • One post disappeared! (after downvoting it and the 422 error?) It is still counted, and the author appears in the top summary.
    • Turns out it can be found as a reply to the top post but it is hidden by default and it doesn’t take votes. (???)
  • Can’t add comments, the publish button is greyed out.
    • But maybe this is intended behavior for the topic author only?
    • The Discourse team responded. This is a known bug related to the Grammarly extension (which I use indeed). After disabling it for the session I could comment.
  • likes are enabled in the settings but they don’t appear in the posts. Maybe it is because we have discourse-reactions enabled?
  • Translations (the globe icon) seem to be unsupported, at least in the small font comments.

@Xeno_WMF had proposed Chocolate Mint, I saw the post, I downvoted it (just for testing purposes), I got a “422 error” twice (?), and now the post is not visible.

This is a nasty bug, or perhaps more than one. Disappearing posts is a blocker, even if they talk about Chocolate Mint ice cream. :wink:

Why can’t I add a comment to the top post? Because I’m the same person who created the topic?

Same for the post about the Vanilla flavor, where I’m the author as well. If the reason is because I’m the author, then I shouldn’t even be able to enter any text. I shouldn’t see the link to add the comment. I wonder if the workflow is a bit more complex because I’m an admin and I see the link when regular users don’t?

EDIT: I can’t add a comment to What is your favorite ice cream? (a post voting test) - #4 by NPhan_WMF either…

I was able to add a comment, but I could not add emojis. :grin:

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Here is @Xeno_WMF’s ice cream! But I have no idea how it ended there. There is a “reply” link in the top post and if you click it…

Now it is not possible to vote for it. I was able to (although it threw a 422 error message).

Maybe the topic author can’t add comments, which… mmmaybe it makes sense?

Can someone “add comment” to the top post, to see if I can reply? Imagine someone asking a clarifying question. In this case it would be good that the author can answer.

Likes are enabled in the settings but they don’t appear in the posts. Maybe it is because we have discourse-reactions enabled?

I can see a smal issue when commenting another comment. The content renders twice

Translations (the globe icon) don’t appear in some comments made in French. I guess these comments don’t take translations yet.

What about the posts. Can someone propose a new ice cream flavor in a language that is not English, please?

Another idea to use post voting: The imaginary event with an agenda set by YOU (a post voting test)

Testing welcome!

User DaSupremo’s ice cream flavour proposal comment is not showing.

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Right :frowning: The blocker bug again. Now we have “2 Replies” that can only be seen by clicking the link in the top post, and that can’t be voted.

@DaSupremo @Xeno_WMF I’m trying to reproduce the problem of “wrong ice cream post” but I can’t. I’m testing desktop, and I was wondering whether you had posted from mobile. Also, do you remember which button you click to create your ice cream proposal? Was it the “Answer” white button at the top, the “Reply” blue button at the bottom, or something else?

Please ignore! I see this is a known bug that was fixed just a few hours ago. :tada:

@DaSupremo @Xeno_WMF did you reply via email?

@Olugold your post about chocolate with toppings has disappeared as well. :frowning: Sorry! There is a problem and it seems that is being fixed as we speak. Did you send your ice cream flavor recommendation via email, by any chance?

PS: the good news is that you can vote this one about chocolate. :slight_smile: What is your favorite ice cream? (a post voting test) - #8 by Mndetatsin

@Qgil-WMF No…I replied under your post

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Thank you, @DaSupremo. Bug reported.

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I think voting to +1 is nice, but not so sure about the -1 voting. It is really funny for things like ice cream, but I feel people can get a bit offended if we are doing this for more “serious” topics :grin:

Funny, when we discussed reactions, you said that having only positive reactions wasn’t good enough, and that we needed critical reactions too. :smiley: But yes, I can see how this can be a topic where different people has different opinions.

The technical answer is that there is no setting to remove downvoting per topic or in general. I guess it can be removed from the UI via CSS, but that would mean disabling downvoting altogether.

This is just my opinion: I think that downvoting is fine in this context. Yes, it’s not nice when your proposal is below zero, but on the other hand this gives three mathematical options per person, and in the end asking who agrees / who disagrees is pretty standard when discussing proposals?

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You are right @Qgil-WMF - I may be having conflicting minds myself, especially after reading others’ comments :rofl:. I like the :heavy_plus_sign: and :heavy_minus_sign: signs that got added though from that previous discussion, I used them myself. I guess when I initially mentioned it, I was thinking about the voting is just about the topic itself (as a stand alone item) - I did not imagine the scenarios when it has a “competition” element (like what we are seeing from the ice cream post). When I saw visually it actually means it would be quite clear which ideas are better supported and which are not - and to the extent some would go into minus (where it visually says -2 or something like that) and the post would go to the bottom - I guess that felt differently and I was just imagining how would I feel if I were the individual who put forward that idea. :smile:

But overall, as you said, when discussing proposals who agree or disagree that should be quite standard. And I stand with my previous thought that there should be a way that someone can express they disagree with something - the burden shouldn’t lie with those who disagree to give long explanation - so please do treat my comment above just as a reflection after seeing how things look like visually. You are right on the technical limitation on things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ll see when we have this feature in place for real situations. If the current ice cream vote is any good reference… Right there are only three options with negative votes. Two are duplicates, and in this case it is very convenient to push them to the bottom of the list without having to delete them. The third one is… chocolate, not precisely a fringe, exotic, fragile option. Only one person downvoted it (gasp, it was me), and if other people would feel bad about this, they could easily upvote it. However, somehow it isn’t happening, which is interesting (in the context of a silly ice cream flavor vote). :sweat_smile: