Telegram questions

is there a browser version available for Telegram?

Hi @Sm8900 I have moved your comment here because it was off-topic on Are there other channels that you would prefer to use in addition to or instead of this forum for Movement Strategy updates and feedback? Why?

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ok, thanks for your reply on that!

Unless I’m mistaken, Telegram is a “walled garden” and there are no publicly-accessible archives? This feels like the biggest negative, maybe it’s already been mentioned somewhere.

However until solid alternatives gain traction there should be IMHO a bridge between Telegram and Wikimedia Chat for every actively used and public WM group. Why WMF not doing it still I do not know…for me it looks like there is no FLOSS adoption plan beyond developers :-/

@Zblace yes your comment above is exactly what I wanted to explore as a topic. Telegram groups for wikipedia obviously do exist. And for people who want to find telegram specifically for wikipedia, there are pages that specifically focus on the telegram groups themselves. However I feel we need to do more to let the community truly know about this method. One key item would be to do what you suggest above, namely to find ways to make the telegram groups more connected with existing discussion topics and existing efforts at Wikipedia itself. And also with existing actual talks pages, and existing group efforts and projects, that are already in action, doing tangible edits or other actions and activities within the wikipedia editing process…

Just to be totally and completely clear, this truly is an actual concern of mine, this is really something I think that our community should try to address, and your comment above is one that is something I feel is truly relevant.

I realize that sometimes some comments here, whether by myself or by others, might seem a bit like the commenter is simply trying to delve into something just to have a conversation. So in this case I want to truly clarify that this is actually a concern of mine.

Your comment above is highly informative and helpful, so that’s why I wanted to respond so clearly. I actually didn’t know what Wikimedia chat is, but it sounds like it might be directly relevant to what I was asking about above, and also it might be very helpful to the topic I’m trying to address here, namely how our community creates platforms and methods for communication, and then also how it promotes these, and presents them to the general community, and also how it gets the community to participate more.

I really appreciate your points above on this. Thanks.