Revision of the UCoC Guidelines: How to balance the protection of privacy and the need for due process?

The last of the three questions that the UCoC Revision committee has asked the community to provide feedback on. For more context, see Revisions to the Universal Code of Conduct (UCoC) Enforcement Guidelines.

Question: When investigating reports of abuse or harassment, what is the best balance of the privacy and confidentiality needs of people reporting problems, and the needs of people who are reported to be able to present their views on the reported behavior?

  • When more information is needed to support a decision by the U4C and by staying within the expectation of the privacy policy and while minimizing undue harm to the accuser or the accusee while continuing due process, high level decision making bodies and communities will invite perspectives from the accused.

The drafters’ intent is to both protect the safety and dignity of individuals who have experienced abuse on the one hand and the right of those accused of misbehavior to be heard on the other.

The presentation here left me confused. After some research, it appears that the text starting with “When more information is needed” is a quote from the current text. Please label it that way. (I also note that it is an awfully convoluted sentence, and I see that others agreed…)

It would also make more sense to start with the quote of the current text, then pose the question. That is how it was presented at Revision discussions - Meta.

Next, I’m at a loss to understand what the question is really after. It is posed more as a request for practical guidelines, which vary with circumstances, or examples or references to related documents or case studies. But proposals for replacement text would be most helpful.
I think a direct reference to the existing discussion would provide a very helpful headstart.

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