Movement Strategy initiative #45: Develop a comprehensive evaluation system

Develop a comprehensive evaluation system for Movement activities and structures

Wikimedia 2018-20 Recommendation 10 final.svg

In order to Evaluate, Iterate and Adapt, we need to develop a comprehensive evaluation system for all Wikimedia activities. This system should ensure that there is good documentation and evaluation of the impact of the activities of the Wikimedia movement in any area, be it technology, governance, capacity, etc. For example: we should be able to evaluate whether the Movement Strategy Recommendations are meeting their goals. The indicators and metrics used to measure those goals should be created in collaboration with the movement and should be adapted to the local contexts of communities. Additionally, learning from the results of the work towards those goals should be discussed transparently, so that communities, affiliates, and the Foundation can all participate.

  • Share and communicate results broadly for each Movement area of work and for strategy recommendations to raise awareness and accountability, both among affiliates and contributors.
  • Evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the development of the activities of the Movement.
    • Continuously evaluate the implementation of the strategy recommendations in real-time, and disseminate to impacted stakeholders.
    • Collaboratively establish common and contextualized indicators and desired impacts for measuring and monitoring progress on the goals of the strategic direction. This would include indicators for equity, advocacy, public policy, diversity in people and content, inclusion and openness towards newcomers, community health, technology, platforms’ usability, and accessibility, among others.
    • Facilitate joint analysis, discussion and learning with the participation of communities and impacted stakeholders as appropriate.
    • Access external, independent research to complement self-evaluation where needed and appropriate (always based on principles of participatory evaluation regarding Programs).

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