Movement Strategy initiative #44: Monitoring, evaluation and learning at all levels with mutual accountability

Monitoring, evaluation and learning at all levels with support and mutual accountability

Wikimedia 2018-20 Recommendation 10 final.svg

In order to Evaluate, Iterate and Adapt, we need to start monitoring, evaluating, and learning in ways that are mutually accountable. So far, the Wikimedia Movement (including the Foundation, affiliates and communities) have not been able to evaluate and learn from their work together. There needs to be funding and staff support to help evaluate the work of all stakeholders, especially in our collective progress towards implementing the Movement Strategy. Evaluating this progress requires sharing the responsibility to learn, especially in implementing the Recommendations of Coordinate Across Stakeholders and Manage Internal Knowledge.

  • Provide financial and human resources and expertise for collecting data for monitoring, evaluating and communicating progress on each of the recommendations and Movement activities at all levels of the Movement (global, regional, local).
  • Distribute responsibilities around the processes of monitoring, evaluating and learning with all Movement stakeholders so that they have mutual accountability (including coordination and knowledge management) and ensure continual progress.

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