Movement Strategy initiative #41: Identifying policies that hinder knowledge equity

Identifying policies that hinder knowledge equity

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In order to Innovate in Free Knowledge, we need to identify the policies that hinder knowledge equity. The current policies of Wikimedia Projects leave out certain underrepresented groups who, due to historical reasons, are not covered by sources that meet the standards of Wikimedia Policies (for example: they may lack sources that meet Wikipedia’s notability criteria). Research and consultations with communities would identify how exactly these policies are harming knowledge equity across the Wikimedia Projects.

  • Consult with communities and experts to identify policies in Wikimedia projects that act as barriers of access to content related to underrepresented communities (e.g. Notability).

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Hi. sorry, but I disagreee with this item. this idea, topic, and priority, discussion should originate in and should be carried forward by ordinary editors within the regular community. with all due respect, this sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

yes, we should absolutely highlight and seek to address those topical areas that lack equity, or which have been under-represented. if you wish to do so,you are welcome to do so…as an individual editor.

in short, please, I would suggest that it might not be as helpful as we might wish, to go onto English Wikipedia or elsewhere, with an abstract convoluted idea to have a whole new “movement strategy” effort to rework, re-address, or re-allocate any topical areas.

with all respect, we don’t need it. if you have a bright idea, you are welcome to present it, as an individual editor, and welcome to present it through the multi-faceted procedures, projects, and resources which already exist in great abundance, throughout the wikipedia community.

by the way, this is #41 of these auto-generated threads for ideas. just noting that.