Movement Strategy initiative #32: Global Approach for Local Skill Development

Global Approach for Local Skill Development

Wikimedia 2018-20 Recommendation 05 final.svg

In order to Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, we need a systematic plan for skill development. This plan will start with a methodological needs assessment to gather data about the needs of Wikimedia communities and affiliates in terms of skill development. This needs assessment should create a plan that is based on a combination of: 1. Local skill development, and 2. Global coordination of local skill development activities. The advantage of localization allows activities to be adapted for the local context of each community. Global coordination will allow learning and improving our approach to skill development across the entire Wikimedia movement. This plan should include a way for peers across the movement to connect, socialize, network, and mentor each other so that Wikimedians can learn and improve as a group.

Create a systematic, global approach to skill development for local communities, their people, and their organizations. This requires us to:

  • Establish a methodology that maps assets and needs and generates aggregated data for deploying skills development initiatives based on real needs.
  • Establish a service that facilitates connecting/matching peers across the Movement for teaching and learning skills (e.g. peer-learning, networking, and pooling of information from partners and allies).
  • Encourage a diversity of methods, including training, mentoring, consulting, online learning, peer-to-peer support, and events.
  • Create incentives for skill development (online and offline) through the recognition of skills (e.g. through open badges).

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