Explore ideas for group editing efforts on history-related topics on Wikipedia

I would like to begin some process to explore possible ideas for promoting group efforts to edit history-related topics, and to promote this across Wikipedia. One method I envision is to find a way to promote discussion amongst different wikiprojects. glad to be here! :slight_smile: by the way, I am the Lead Coordinator for WikiProject History, at Wikipedia. so I really look forward to discussing ideas and goals here, as time goes on. thanks!!


tagging @Tgr and @Nealmcb . hoping to discuss more ideas with you here, as time goes on. thanks!!!

You could try partnering up with regional article-writing initiatives like CEE Spring or Ukraine’s Cultural Diplomacy Month, maybe offer a category prize or something like that.

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Also, since we are talking about this in the Identify Topics for Impact category - maybe worth thinking on what the impact of history-related topics is (how will a reader’s life get better from reading them? are there topics which are more likely to have significant impact on the reader’s life?) and start from there. E.g. look at historical topics which are used for disinformation and propaganda (like regional wars, or anti-semitic tropes, or historical revisionism) or which are useful for K-12 education (there’s a Wikidata project for identifying articles which are part of common school curricula).


I want to note the item above. I am considering starting a hub of my own. if I do so, it will be very much receptive to any type of collaboration, group process, input, feedback, criticism, no matter how blunt, etc.; in short all manner of input that might occur within the community itself. I would be glad to work with and adhere to any processes deemed necessary by the community at large. so I would agree with making any approval process somewhat broad, in order to get this off the ground.

also, let me note that I fully admit that I am not really the key or central target audience for this process anyway; the real key goal is to find ways to include and encompass various marginalized communities, groups, and sectors. I simply wanted to note one possible type of interest in this overall process. Thanks.

I would like to comment here to pose a question, simply as an initial inquiry about the initial validity of an idea I have been considering as a possible item for presentation.

I have been thinking that I would like to suggest a thematic hub for history-related topics. I have several simple ideas on some possible ways that this might work. I am open to any feedback, any comments, any constructive criticism, and any questions that people may have.

I simply wanted to ask this as a question now, to inquire as to whether this might at least be a basically valid item for me to present for initial discussion and consideration. I appreciate any help, and any input at all. Thanks.

@Sm8900 I have moved your two last comments here because they are more related to this topic you started than to the discussion about Hubs.

Hubs are expected to be structures more complex than what you have explained here so far?

@Qgil-WMF , that is an entirely fair and valid point. Right now, this idea for a hub is just an idea on my part. I am fully willing to defer to anyone else who may approach this idea with better methods, or with more resources, or with more people who can help out.

In addition, I am willing to accept any ideas or anyone’s input on this. and also, of course, I haven’t yet moved ahead with this idea anyway. it is not certain how far I will get with this idea, or whether I will get anywhere at all. there are lots of editors who edit this topical area, who have greater experience and knowledge than my own.

so I fully accept your point on this. and also I am fully willing to admit that I don’t know how far I may get with this, or even if this idea will necessarily get anywhere at all. So, I appreciate all of your feedback and input on this. thanks!

I would say that the first step is to form a core group of people with common goals who collaborate together on a continuous basis. Then keep this group going for a few months, working on your goals. Then you will start seeing what are your needs, and what formal structure (if any) could satisfy best these needs.