Any interest in zoom calls, as a community process? how about the zoom calls *already* taking place?


As a somewhat active member of the NYC meetup group, I am glad to report that we have periodic zoom calls, for any people in the local area who are interested in participating and discussing any items relating to Wikipedia, or mentioning any projects, articles, or other items they may be working on.

My thought is that perhaps we could present this as a resource and method for the community in general to hold discussions. I realize we already have zoom calls periodically as part of specific events, conferences, etc. I am wondering, or perhaps suggesting that perhaps it might be feasible, or beneficial, to have semi-regular zoom calls, as a general community discussion process as well?

The NYC chapter began these zoom calls only due the covid-19 pandemic, since in-person meetings had become problematic. Prior to that, all chapter meetings were in-person only. However, I would like to note that, as many of you know, the advent of zoom calls provides our community with a whole new platform and resource for interpersonal dialogue, whether as part of a formal community discussion or governance process, or simply as an informal way for people to chat and exchange ideas and information, or anything in between.

Lastly, what is the level of interest here, for all of us, or any of us here at this site, to have zoom calls on some basis, whether a lot, or a little, or anything in between?

and let me also state that I am offering this idea to any groups, regions, chapters, etc., even including those groups for which I myself would not find it feasible to participate; for instance, any people here who represent speakers of a foreign language, or who represent a different region of the world, or any groups, however remote, even if I myself, or broad segments of the community might not be able to feasibly join the call.

in short, I feel that the sort of spoken direct interpersonal dialogue that is enabled by a zoom call, or video calls via other platforms such as Google Meet, can be highly beneficial and useful to any effort which may exist, here or anywhere else, to build some sort of community or some concerted group effort, amongst any group of individuals or editors. I hope these few thoughts are helpful to the community in general. Thanks!

Hola. Me alegra leerlos y me gustaría saber cómo organizaron las llamadas. También se nos ocurrió, pero tuvimos alguna opinión que decía que deberíamos ofrecer una estructura para los nuevos; que una llamada sin más y sin estructura podría confundirlos. Por otro lado, llamadas para responder preguntas, algo así como una mentoría, sería más atractivo para usuarios con un poco más de tiempo en el movimiento.

Por otro lado, les pregunto también: ¿Las llamadas fueron solo para temas de Wikimedia o para temas del capítulo, o ambos? Me encantaría saber si tuvieron algo así como un ciclo el cuál fue cerrado con una encuesta para ver cómo se sintió la gente. Si bien la realidad de ustedes y la nuestra es diferente, estos datos podría animarnos a dar el salto y a establecer reuniones periódicas, ya sean semanales o mensuales en el grupo.

¡Gracias por compartir! :smiley:

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hello there @Alhen ! certainly, I am glad to share some basic details with you. firstly, I did not organize these calls; I simply participated, but that is all. however, you can click the link below; this will take you to the page for our most recent zoom call for the local chapter in New York City. as you will see, generally we have one or two agenda items ready for the meeting. however we also leave aside some time period during the meeting, when any participants are free to discuss any topics they wish. these topics usually may include articles they are working on, or any ideas they may wish to discuss, or any questions, or else any other topics at all.

I hope that is helpful? I would be glad to discuss this, or to answer any questions at all, or any comments. you are welcome to write further, and to discuss any items or topics on this thread. I hope that’s helpful. thanks!!

English Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/May 2022

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