[DRAFT] Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots - Planning Template

This topic is part of [DRAFT] Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots. Here the discussion focuses on the section about the process to approve hub pilots. You can discuss this section on Meta as well.

The draft section discussed here:

Planning Template

This is a suggested template for documenting your plan. Make sure your plan covers these questions.

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Why? What? How? WHY? - GOAL

Goal – What will the hub achieve?

  • What existing problems will the hub solve?
  • Who will benefit from the hub and how?
  • Why is a new hub needed? Why are the current structures not sufficient?


Scope and scale – What services will the hub provide?

  • Clear description of the functions of the hub.
  • Clear description of the services provided by the hub.


Set up – How will the hub be set up to effectively achieve its goal

  • Description of steps and activities for setting up the hub.
  • How will the hub connect to other movement entities (existing Affiliates, project communities, Wikimedia Foundation, other hubs, etc.)?

Governance – What will be the governance structure of the hub?

  • List of entities involved.
  • Short description of the governance structure (can be an organogram).

Resourcing – What are the human and/or financial resources needed for the hub?

  • Funding
    • Provide an estimated budget for the first four quarters, and then a basic financial forecast for the first three years. The point is to identify the main costs and funding sources expected, not to create an exhaustive budget.
    • What is your plan for acquiring the funding?
  • Human resources
    • Who will be running the hub?
    • Are these roles filled by volunteers, existing staff or new staff positions?

Off-ramp – How will the project be closed down, if unsuccessful?

  • Description of steps and activities for closing down the hub.

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Governance – Who will oversee the set up of the hub?

  • List of people involved.
  • Short description of the role of each person involved.
  • Short β€œmovement CV” for each person involved.

Execution (core team) – Who will be coordinating the set up of the hub?

  • List of people involved
  • Short description of the role of each person involved
  • Short CV for each person involved

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Community Engagement ACCOUNTABILITY

Public notice – Where can the hub concept be discussed publicly? (link)

Evidence of support – Who is supporting the idea of the hub?

  • Proof of needs assessment in the relevant communities.
  • Proof of community discussions regarding the idea.
  • Direct endorsement on the hub idea or grant page.

Evaluation – How will the progress of the hub be tracked and evaluated? How often?

  • What are the criteria of success for the hub pilot? How will this be evaluated? How often?

Public reporting – How will the activities related to the hub be reported?

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