[DRAFT] Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots - Inception

This topic is part of [DRAFT] Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots. Here the discussion focuses on the section about the process to approve hub pilots. You can discuss this section on Meta as well.

The draft section discussed here:

Minimum criteria to become a pilot hub

This section outlines the criteria proposal for each phase of a hub piloting project. To advance to the next phase all the criteria from the current phase need to be fulfilled.

For movement level accountability there needs to be:

  1. Publicly available documentation and information regarding the progress of the hub pilot available on meta.
  2. Responsiveness to queries on the hub pilot talk page on the project talk page on Meta. Creation of a topic about the hub pilot proposal on the Movement Strategy Forum is strongly recommended for multilingual communication.

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  • A stated goal – Clear explanation of the goal of the hub. Including why this goal needs a new structure or cannot be achieved with the current Wikimedia structures.
  • Involved entities – List of entities involved in the set up and oversight of the project. A hub project must not be overseen by only one entity, as we already have an affiliate model and Wikimedia Foundation for such projects.
  • Public documentation – Before moving to further activities, a project page needs to be created on Meta and copied to the Movement Strategy Forum for easy automatic translation.
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What do you think about this section of the draft? Does anyone remember any criticism to these points in the discussions from the past weeks?