Hubs June 2022 Global Conversations Report Published

See the more recent (Revised draft) Hub Piloting Guidelines

I am happy to announce that the report of June 24-26 Global Hub Conversations is now published on meta (Hubs/Documentation/June 2022 Global Conversations - Meta) and ready for your reading and comments.

Key agreements
➼ There is value of the criteria to guide and inform the work on hubs
➼ The number of currently proposed criteria was perceived as too high
➼ 5 core criteria for piloting: 1) A Stated Goal, 2) Public Documentation, 3) Needs Assessment, 4) Clear Plan, 5) Connection to Movement Strategy Implementation
➼ The criteria should rather function as guidelines than blockers
➼ The principle of the subsidiarity would need to be followed in hub pilot implementation
➼ Expectation of continuous support to the groups setting up their hubs in various forms

Open questions
➼ It was not discussed in detail what the implementation of subsidiarity principle in the hub work would mean in practice.
∙ What information and guidance is provided to empower them to implement self-management and subsidiarity?
∙ How are potential overlaps and conflicts between hub pilots managed in a “bottom-up” process?
∙ What guardrails are needed to avoid duplications and redundancies among Hubs?

➼ What does the Movement expect from Hub pilots in terms of monitoring, evaluation, and learning?
∙ How could a structure for connecting Hubs pilots and enabling peer sharing and learning look alike?
∙ How is accountability of Hubs pilots in terms of documentation and information sharing ensured?
∙ How is it ensured that Hubs pilots are comparable across the Movement?

➼ How do Hubs pilots access and acquire support?, including
∙ Access to financial resources.
∙ Access to staff support and advice for designing, planning, and executing the pilots.

Next steps
➼ By end of July 2022: Comprehensive report regarding the feedback on proposed Minimum Piloting Criteria (on Meta + MS Forum), to be published by WMF Movement Strategy + Governance team
➼ By Wikimania 2022: New version of the criteria/guidelines and request for feedback, by WMF Movement Strategy + Governance team
➼ By Wikimedia Summit 2022: Further agreement / responses to above mentioned open questions on support structures for Hubs Pilots, by WMF Movement Strategy + Governance

Happy reading and have a great end of the week!


@KVaidla_WMF , thanks for the great update above. I just have one small basic question; what would be the best thread to find a centralized discussion of hubs themselves? since this thread is simply a notice of the report mentioned above, I assume that any ongoing discussion would take place elsewhere.

could you please link to the best thread, or perhaps simply whichever thread is currently active, as the logical place where hubs might be discussed as a topic? thanks!!