Discourse Shared Edits plugin for real-time collaborative note-taking (Etherpad-style)

We could try the Shared Edits official Discourse plugin, which provides real-time collaborative editing, Etherpad-style.

Imagine that the facilitators of a session would take notes directly on the corresponding forum topic, live. Other participants in the call could contribute to the note-taking. People watching the video could have the topic open and see how it refreshes, and then maybe click edit to add a detail that they want to see in the notes. The topic would be at the top of the timeline, so anyone landing on the forum could see that there is something going on right now. At the end of the meeting, the notes would be already available for everyone in their language, with the link to the video. Even before the call ends the facilitators could point anyone to the forum topic to review the notes and continue the discussion there in their language.

All this should work in theory, but we need to test this plugin to see if it really can do all this in practice. :slight_smile:


OK - lets test asap - no more delays…


Shared Edits plugin enabled, and you can test it here:

The topic above has been edited concurrently by four users so far. It seems to work, although of course more testing would be needed, i.e. taking notes at an event (CEE Meeting, anyone?) :slight_smile:

A first improvement request emerged: Content attribution using Shared Edits - feature - Discourse Meta

We think this feature is ready to be tried in a real-life situation. Anyone can request that Shared Edits are enabled in a specific post (i.e. a session in an event where notes are taken in real-time). You can do so by replying to the topic or sending a private message to the @moderators, who will enable this feature.

PS: A bug appeared when running the first test, and that brought more intensive testing. Yesterday five of us heavily edited Testing Shared Edits with emojis [PART 4] simultaneously, and we couldn’t break the Shared Edits post. We hope the bug was just a glitch.

I can test some on Friday and Sunday workshops at CEE Meeting 2022, but I need tech support as I am going to lead hybrid workshops and would offer these next to more anonymous and official Etherpads. Can some of the moderators be then online and in the space in Ohrid to support users at both ends? (Branimir is not coming to Ohrid sadly)


I will follow at least one of your sessions. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact me before the workshop begins. As for the onsite support, I can inform our facilitator team; you can also reach out to them while in Ohrid.

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Please do inform them and check if they have any capacity to get acquainted with Shared Edits on the short notice *(guessing they are well informed of Forums dynamics in general).

If neither of them can not attend workshop on Friday then I do not really dare to do it just by myself as I need to setup also online and in space arrangements *(organizers do it only for biggest hall).

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Hi @Zblace, I am looking forward to learning from your experience. I hope you will share your experience on the forum after the workshops. I have one question though. Have you created posts for these two sessions? Once you create them, maybe @Qgil-WMF or @NPhan_WMF can enable the shared edit feature on them.

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@Zuz_WMF - There are two workshops/sessions organised by Zblace. Both are events on the Forum.

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Okay, great! I see the “shared edits” feature has been enabled as well. Thanks for sharing @BPipal_WMF.

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