Call for MS Forum Moderators

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The Movement Strategy Forum is a multilingual collaborative space for all conversations about Movement Strategy implementation.

The MS Forum is for the community, and by the community. As the number of users grows and engagement increases, it becomes important to have moderators. Moderators help to encourage discussions, organise the content, support participants, and resolve conflicts.

The Movement Strategy and Governance (MSG) team invites participants (at Trust Level 2 and above) to volunteer to become a MS Forum moderator. Forum moderators are unseen heroes. They help to ensure good functioning of the platform and the safety of its users.

If you want to take your engagement to a next level, then consider becoming an MS Forum moderator!

The MSG team seeks both “category moderators” and “general moderators”. Visit Movement Strategy Forum moderation and administration to…

  • learn about how to become a category moderator or a general moderator.
  • apply for either of the moderator options.

This call does not have a fixed end date. If you have any questions or concerns, reply to this topic, reach out to the forum administrators (@Qgil-WMF or @NPhan_WMF) directly, or email us at


Excellent idea to have CategoryModerators as separate call.

I am happy to help with a few categories, especially from the start of 2023.


Great to hear you’re interested, @Zblace! :partying_face: Would you like me to remind you to apply in Jan 2023, or do you want to apply now so you don’t have to think about it later?

I can apply now just not take too much work…few topics I follow closly anyway, so to those I can commit to.


Whenever you’re ready - at your leisure, @Zblace - please create a new topic under the category you want to moderate about your candidate to become a category moderator and provide a short statement to become a category moderator in the same category, introducing yourself and explaining briefly what is your motivation to be in this role. Any prior experience moderating or administering similar channels in Wikimedia or elsewhere is welcome. No problem if this is your first time. This is a good role to start moderating.

Then, within two weeks after the statement has been posted, the moderator(s) of the category will decide whether to accept it or not, based on the points above and the feedback received. If there are no moderators in this category, then the general moderators will decide (which, transparently, at this point are just me and Quim).

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Hello @NPhan_WMF, nice idea!. Can I apply for a general moderator? It would be nice to help.


Applications for general moderator are welcome indeed!

@Semmy1960 you can check Wanna serve as a category moderator! to have an idea about how the process work. Even if this example is about a category moderator, the process for candidates is basically the same.

مهتم وشرف لي أن أكون مع الفريق


@Nehaoua, molt interessant! Estaria molt bé tenir un equip de moderació multilingüe a tots els nivells. Presentar la teva candidatura en àrab seria un molt bon exemple per altres persones interessades. T’animo a fer-ho! :hugs:


مرحبًا قدمت الطلب الترشح للاشراف على فئة الاستثمار في تطوير المهارات والقيادة