A wiki editable post

This post is wiki editable. It’s in the #site-feedback:sandbox subcategory, so you can edit away as much as you want for learning and testing.

Edit me!
From @ShahajadaSJ7 ,
Thanks very much for sparing your precious time for me building this editable post.

From @Mrb_Rafi ,
Finally, a sandbox in the forum, this was needed, previously, I used inboxes of my team members to experiment with the forum features lol.

From @Ifteebd10
@Mrb_Rafi you are absolutely correct.

Zblace edited this one!
A Tila também passou por aqui e pôde editar.

From @Mrb_Rafi,
But doesn’t the translation feature works in this type of wiki posts?

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The translation feature should work regardless of whether the post is wiki editable or not. Where automatic translation gets confused is when multiple languages are used in one post, something that is more likely to happen on wiki posts where many people can edit. (A lot) More about this on Testing whether the globe icon appears or not.

私はウィキ投稿を編集しましたがwiki editorではないようです。