Wikindaba day 3

1. The impact of Grants in Africa

Capacity building :

proposal writing skills
Expanding staff or volunteer teams
Establish governance structure
Organiser skills
Proposal and report writing
Partnership development
Monitoring and evaluation
Reduced language barrier

#Collaboration and Coordination
Collaborative initiative we’ve seen so far:
-Ideas support and building from individuals supported by the user group
-Wikimedians coming to support a specific target Audience.
-Coming together to work on an issue-focused idea
What to improve
-Individuals working together on similar projects
-Individuals working together on projects in shared locations.
Affiliate groups from different countries working together on a common project.

#knowledge Sharing and Exchange.

Mentorship Program
Community meeting
New channels of learning and building community eg: podcast.

Supporting equity
Wikipedia preview
Wikistories On Wikipedia: adapting to changing technologies by coping with trends
Workshop : video explaining how to create a wikistory.

Closing meeting

Focus on learning and sharing knowledge
Considering initiatives heard at wikindaba to be worked on.
Panel encourage members to have curiosity ask and work hard to broaden their knowledge and harness their skills.



I personally like the idea of collaboration and organised group. Levering work to individual for effective results and also shared experience