WIKIMOVE Episode #14 - The Past, Present and Future of Wikimedia Affiliates

WIKIMOVE Episode 14 - Cover 2

The WIKIMOVE Podcast is back with another episode!

In this episode, we talk about affiliates - chapters, user groups, thematic orgs - and what their role can be in the movement we imagine for the future. You can find this podcast on our website and share ideas for future topics and guests on our meta page.

What’s in this episode?

Affiliates are the recognized organizations and groups in the Wikimedia movement that support volunteers, advocate for free knowledge and come together as the backbone of the movement. We talk about how Wikimedia’s somewhat ad hoc affiliate landscape has emerged, discuss the relationship between organizations and communities, and imagine what role affiliates can play in a future global council.

We hear from…

  • Andrew Lih, a movement veteran

  • Elisabeth Carrera, Wikimedia Norge’s Executive Director.


@Sissela_Björk_WMDE thank you for sharing this! This episode was so much needed. Would you have a transcript also? I would love to have access to it here for commenting, but I guess others might appreciate it also as it could be translated in different languages.

Hey! Thank you for the feedback! We don’t have a transcript of the episode, but the youtube video has (automatically generated) subtitles, if that would help you in an way:

== WIKIMOVE podcast Episode 14 ==

FYI, the latest episode of the WIKIMOVE podcast has an extensive conversation about the Movement Charter, with Wikimedia Norge’s Executive Director, Elisabeth Carrera and myself. Here are the relevant links and sections in case folks are interested:

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Will talk to @Eva_Martin_WMDE @Nicola_Zeuner_WMDE why it would be good to have this

We are working on a transcript for this episode, I will let you know when it’s done!

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Thank you so much. It is most appreciated.

Ping @Millodarka :slight_smile: